SIP Tasks - Installation

The tasks are provided as PureLoad custom tasks. This means that the tasks should be installed into the extensions directory.

Install by extracting the distribution tar file info <install-dir>/extensions, (where <install-dir> is where you have installed PureLoad/PureTest)

Loading And Using Custom Tasks

The tasks is delivered as PureLoad custom tasks, meaning that they are not included by default in the list of standard tasks. Custom task can be loaded into PureLoad/PureTest in one of two ways:

  1. Loading a PLC-file that includes the custom task types.
  2. Using the Task Types sub tab of the scenario editor and choose "Edit->Load All Custom Tasks".

The recommended way to get started is to load any of the provided example PLC files found in the <install-dir>/extensions/test/sip directory.

When a PLC-file is saved, make sure to include the option "Task Types" so that the task types for all custom tasks is saved.